About the Tribe

About “Zaza”

Head Goddess in Charge

Mia Zaza is a paper artist living in Atlanta, Georgia and the founder of Paper Anansi. She specializes in greeting cards, oversized paper flowers, paper flower crowns, photography backdrops, commercial storefront installations and theatrical stage props. Mia has experience working with both large and small brands on creative branding, collaborative marketing, and visual storytelling. Along with her team, she hosts creative workshops,  private events and public art installations all over Atlanta.

I like to think of myself as a seed. Everything I do in my life circles back to that. All great things begin as something small. An idea, an oak tree, a flower. I’m excited to see myself in full bloom but I’m enjoying all of the different stages of growth.

Mia Zaza for Paper Anansi
Mia Zaza by Black Balance Podcast



Mia Zaza at The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta


About Kwaku Anansi

The Story behind the brand.

“We do not really mean, we do not really mean that what we are about to say is true. A story, a story; let it come, let it go” – Traditional Ashanti introduction to a tale.